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Entrepreneur Book Club – Session One – Big Ideas and Actions (updated Jan 21, 2021)

A companion document for Session One – Chapters 1 and 2.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Community Flu Shot Toolkit (updated Dec 16, 2020)

We know getting your flu shot is even more important this year to prevent a severe flu season from coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic and overwhelming the hospital system. To help communities inform their residents about the importance of obtaining a flu shot, we’re sharing the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Community Flu Shot Toolkit with online resources that you can use to provide direction for those in need. By encouraging and informing our communities to get a flu shot, we are helping to prevent a severe flu season that coincides with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blue Cross is working across the state with community partners to add flu shot opportunities for our community members. With COVID-19 protocols in place, partners are looking at new ways to meet the needs of underserved communities. These events are part of Blue Cross’ ongoing mission to keep our communities, our members, and our employees safe and healthy.

Destination & Industry Insights, Mobility

Ahead by a Century (updated Oct 29, 2020)

A Proposal to Develop A World Class Test Facility for Intelligent Transportation Systems and Autonomous Vehicles in Southeast Michigan