An established destination for research and development initiatives.

With a network of pre-eminent institutions, and a compilation of tech industries and academic powerhouses, Ann Arbor is a key player in research and development. On the national scale, Ann Arbor is ranked as one of the most educated cities in America with some of the best universities leading the way.

The University of Michigan alone spends $1.6B in research and development annually ranking first among public universities nationally for R&D.

In the past ten years, the region has fostered more than 249 startup companies and continues to be a national trailblazer even above competitive regions like the North Carolina research triangle and Silicon Valley.

Two team members working on a research project holding a laptop and working with medical equipment

Ann Arbor Research and Development Innovation Centers

State-of-the-art research facilities exist at top-tier companies in the Ann Arbor region and continue to drive innovation. Some of the more notable R&D centers include:


Working closely with R&D companies, both established and early stage, to drive success.

Ann Arbor SPARK offers a comprehensive range of resources tailored to meet the specific needs of R&D companies, regardless of their size or stage of growth. We’re committed to empowering R&D companies at every step of their journey.

Here are some of the ways Ann Arbor SPARK can help your company:


Forge valuable partnerships and collaborations within the thriving ecosystem of Ann Arbor.


Access a pool of top-tier talent through our connections and resources


We’ll help you find the ideal location to establish or expand your operations


Discover our incubators and co-working spaces, offering a supportive and collaborative environment for R&D companies to thrive.


Tap into our funding opportunities and grants to fuel the growth and innovation of R&D companies.


Engage in our collaborative programs, fostering innovation, knowledge sharing, and strategic partnerships.


Company Name Regional Employees R&D Field
Toyota Motor North America Research and Development (TMNA R&D) 1,490+ Advanced Automotive
Terumo Cardiovascular Group 370+ Life Sciences
Stellantis – Chelsea Proving Grounds 500+ Advanced Automotive
Hyundai America Technical Center 300+ Advanced Automotive
NSK Americas, Inc. 300+ Advanced Automotive
Wacker North American Headquarters 250+ Advanced Materials
PIDC 80+ Manufacturing
Navitas Advanced Solutions Group 200+ Alternative Energy
Mitsubishi Motors R&D 25+ Advanced Automotive
Mercedes-Benz Emission Test Lab 40+ Advanced Automotive
American Center for Mobility 7+ Advanced Automotive
Arbor Research Collaborative for Health 100+ Life Sciences
A&D Technology, Inc. 100+ Advanced Automotive
IMRA America, Inc. 70+ Advanced Automotive
AVL Ann Arbor Technical Center 60+ Advanced Automotive

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