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The meetup culture in Ann Arbor is open and flourishing. Below is a selection of meetup groups in the area.

A full list of coder groups, maker groups, un/conferences, and hackathons is available online.



A monthly event where companies get 5 minutes to pitch their product

coffee house coders

An informal way to meet up with people interested in computer programing

tech [inclusive]

A group dedicated to fostering professional growth for underrepresented people in tech

IGDA Ann Arbor

International Game Developers Association

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Empowering your Success: Municipal Support for Businesses and StartUps

Ann Arbor and Michigan offer a robust array of municipal support and incentives tailored to foster growth and success for businesses and start-ups, providing a strong foundation for their development within the region.

Thriving Together: Ann Arbor SPARK, Your Local Business Advocate


Ann Arbor SPARK is your dedicated partner in navigating the Ann Arbor business landscape. We can make valuable introductions, connecting you with key industry players and partners. Our team also offers expert guidance on navigating local regulations and initiatives.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure your business not only thrives but also becomes an integral part of Ann Arbor’s dynamic and innovative community.

“Ann Arbor has a little bit of everything, there’s diversity in restaurants, activities, and entertainment. I really feel like I have access to those big-city experiences while living in a beautiful area with parks and outdoor opportunities.”

Alison Todak