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What is Entrepreneur Boot Camp? The simple answer is a program to teach entrepreneurs how to build their business. This is one of my favorite programs. Usually it is our first time to see how the team works together and how they think about their business.

This year was the first time we were able to reward the “Best of Boot Camp” winner with an investment. We see it as an opportunity to really accelerate their growth and have an opportunity to continue to impact our community and be a catalyst for entrepreneurial development.

The comments we hear most frequently from our campers are about the process and the impact of the teaching team. Being able to surround the teams with talented coaches and mentors is what really allows the founders/teams to be able to understand their business and if they can build a sustainable business model.

We coach our teams to search for no’s, and hopefully hear yes. If they are looking for people to convince them not to pursue their idea and no one is able to, then you know you have something compelling.

As Boot Camp continues to grow and evolve we hope that it can become an even better program. This last one was the best yet, and I hope that I’ll be able to say that again in April. Entrepreneurs: Stay tuned to our website for dates and how to apply! In the meantime, check out our events calendar for other ways to connect, get inspired, and learn.