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Ann Arbor SPARK Provides Regional Resources for Career Transitions

October 18, 2019 Regional Updates
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Concerned about downsizing, itching for a new outlook at work or just ready to try something new?

Career transitions can be self-initiated or be necessitated by layoffs. While they can be stressful, there are many ways Ann Arbor SPARK can help.

Know that you are not alone. In August 2019 the Bureau of Labor Statistics released data that shows a person holds an average number of 12 jobs over a 34-year career span.

Now that we have established that job transitions are common, let’s study how Ann Arbor SPARK can be a valuable resource to you during your transition journey.

Build Your Network

Increase your business acumen and exposure to innovative topics by attending events hosted by local organizations dedicated to connecting job seekers with hiring companies.

  • Ann Abor SPARK event space always has something going on! Connect with us or one of our engaging community partners. View calendar of upcoming events.
  • Increase your business acumen and exposure to innovative topics by attending events hosted by Ann Abor SPARK or one of our engaging community partners. View calendar of upcoming events.
  • Join us for Ann Arbor Tech Homecoming: November 27 from 4 – 7 p.m. This networking happy hour connects job seekers with some of Ann Arbor’s fastest-growing tech companies looking to hire. Check out which companies will there!
  • Meet and greet at Engage Over Coffee to expand and diversify your network. This free event for first-time attendees provides a welcoming environment for casual conversation with people in Ann Arbor’s business community.
  • Attend interest-specific meetups or events in your area to grow your network organically. Check local Chamber of Commerce events calendars.
  • Connect with regional recruiters, networks, and coaches that can help you connect with jobs in the area you are seeking. Amy Cell Talent, who is located at the SPARK East Innovation Center in Ypsilanti, has a number of free job seeker resources listed on its website.

Leverage Existing Networks

Reach out to a trusted friend or a mentor as a sounding board. Feel free to ask for help in establishing a new connection. Many times, people are willing to help but may not know of your interest. Being known for who you are and how your specific capabilities can benefit an organization will open doors for you.

Follow Local Job Portals

Seek out regional-specific job sites to see who has open positions near you.

Skills Building

Learning different skills will make you an agile candidate. Check skills for jobs you are interested in and develop that knowledge on the side or as part of your current position.

  • Online services for learning can be low- to no-cost and alumni sometimes have access to free online learning. Check with your alumni association for more details.
  • Check out local resources at community colleges like the Washtenaw Community College Career Transitions or Mott College in Livingston County.
  • Connect with Michigan Works! Southeast, a unified talent development system that can help with job search, workshops, computer training, and more. 

Whatever you do, there are many options for you to get support through a career transition and Ann Arbor SPARK is here to help you through your journey!

Stay tuned for our next blog post: How Employers Can Ready Employees for Career Transitions