Regional Water Resources

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Michigan, the Great Lakes State, has an abundance of water: Lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, wetlands, and 3000 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. Michigan’s combined lakes contain one-fifth of the world's surface fresh water. You’re never more than six miles from a natural water source or more than 85 miles from a Great Lakes shoreline.

Due to this plentiful amount of water, Michigan’s drinking supply is drawn from rivers, lakes, springs, reservoirs, and deep wells.

In Washtenaw and Livingston counties, most public drinking water comes from groundwater wells drilled in confined aquifers. Our two largest communities, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, use both groundwater wells and river water.

As water travels through the ground it dissolves naturally-occurring minerals and can pick up substances resulting from the presence of animals or from human activity. In light of this, each community follows strict EPA, FDA, and state regulations regarding water purity. In addition, the state also performs an assessment of wells and grades the susceptibility of contamination.

Our communities actively monitor and report on water quality. The table below provides links to each public water supply in the two counties. The water quality reports are readily available for review and download.

Public Water Supplies in Michgian

Community Water Supplier Water Source Department and Water Quality Reports
Washtenaw County      

City of Ann Arbor

City of Ann Arbor

Huron River, wells

Ann Arbor Township (portions of)

City of Ann Arbor    
Scio Township (portions of) City of Ann Arbor    
City of Ypsilanti Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority Detroit Water and Sewer Department. Detroit River.

Ypsilanti Township Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority    
Superior Township (portions of)
Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority
Pittsfield Township
Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority
City of Chelsea City of Chelsea Wells

Sylvan Township (portions of) City of Jackson Water Department


City of Dexter City of Dexter Wells

City of Saline Saline Department of Water Production Wells

Village of Manchester Village of Manchester Water and Sewage Services Wells

City of Milan Milan Department of Public Works Wells

Livingston County      
City of Brighton Brighton Utilities Department Wells

City of Howell City of Howell Department of Public Works Wells


Village of Fowlerville Village of Fowlerville Water Department Wells

Green Oak Township Livingston Community Water Authority
Brighton Township Livingston Community Water Authority    
Hamburg Township
Livingston Community Water Authority

Marion Township Marion-Howell-Oceola-Genoa Water Authority Wells

Howell Township Marion-Howell-Oceola-Genoa Water Authority    
Genoa Township
Marion-Howell-Oceola-Genoa Water Authority
Oceola Township
Marion-Howell-Oceola-Genoa Water Authority
Hartland Township Department of Public Works Wells


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