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The U-M Data Science and AI Summit is the largest annual data science and AI event on campus. This event brings together the U-M data science and AI research community and their external collaborators to build research vision and collaboration. It also showcases the breadth and depth of U-M data science and AI research, from theory and methodology development to the transformative use of data and AI to address scientific and societal challenges in all domains. The event is free for all attendees (U-M faculty, staff, and trainees, as well as industry, government and community members).

This annual Summit is the largest data science and AI event at the university, attracting faculty, staff and students from more than 70 departments, and attendees from more than 50 industry, government and community organizations.

It highlights data science and AI breakthroughs, their transformative use in many research disciplines, and their impact on society. There will also be a lot of networking time.

  • A few highly accomplished keynote speakers, including Dr. Suresh Venkatasubramanian, who was instrumental in drafting the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights when he worked at the White House.
  • A federal agencies research priorities and opportunities panel, with representatives from NIH, NSF, DARPA and NIST.
  • The U-M data science and AI organizations showcase. We started this session at last year’s Summit and received nothing but enthusiastic praises. This year, 11 organizations will showcase their work and how they support the campus research community.

The Summit is free for all attendees but we strongly urge pre-registration

When: Nov. 13-14, 2023
Where: Rackham Graduate Building
915 E. Washington St.,
Ann Arbor MI 48109

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