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Join MICHauto, the Office for Future Mobility and Electrification, and Plug and Play Detroit for a Mobility Meetup on Dec. 6th. Attendees will enjoy networking opportunities with fellow mobility companies. The Meetup will also feature an illuminating discussion and demonstration of Generative AI with Kevin Karagitz and Zoran Lazovski, Industry Managers from Google Cloud’s automotive team. Kevin and Zoran will delve into the transformative power of Generative AI for automotive companies. Explore the innovative approach of engaging with your vehicle as if it were an expert companion, capable of discussing intricate details from the owner’s manual through natural, intuitive conversations.

Event Highlights:

  • Interactive Demonstration: Experience firsthand the convenience of querying a virtual vehicle expert. Understand how Generative AI interprets complex manual language into user-friendly dialogue, providing clear and immediate answers to all your vehicular inquiries.
  • Navigating Challenges: Our speakers will also tackle the vital topic of implementing these advanced technologies within the stringent framework of factual accuracy and liability guidelines. Discover the intricate balance between innovation and responsibility in automotive AI solutions.


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