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Offering opportunities to organizations from all industries that seek impact and access to University of Michigan School of Information students

Client-Based Courses (CBC) and Programs

The School of Information has a rich history of connecting organizations with high-caliber students who deploy their developing knowledge and skills to address real information challenges. Guided through a curriculum that acknowledges that real-world challenges are provided only by real-world organizations, students engage in client projects to both provide benefits to the client organization and to enhance their skill sets.

Organizations from all industries and sectors are invited to propose information-based projects for students to work on through capstone projects, client-based courses, and programs. Most courses and programs occur during the academic school year, September through December, or January through April. Select opportunities occur over the summer months (May through August) or in shorter sessions throughout the year.

Client Benefits of Hosting a Student Project

  • This service is free
  • Gain access to the latest tools and methods practiced by top students working under experienced faculty
  • Build relationships with UMSI students for recruitment potential and to see how they solve problems
  • Receive impactful recommendations or deliverables to improve an information process or tool based on the problem presented

Become a Spark Client

The first step towards SPARK entrepreneurial services is filling out a client intake application.