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The Drug Discovery Symposium will showcase new and emerging research coming out of Michigan’s research institutions and ongoing development in industry organizations, as well as shed light on the latest trends in precision medicine and genomics, the impact of digital health technologies, and incorporation of patient voices in development.

Present Your Scientific Poster at the Drug Discover Symposium Abstracts

Share your research, case studies, and new technologies at the Drug Discovery Symposium. Scientific posters from students, academia, and industry professionals are welcome.

Posters topics must relate to the main program, for example:

  • Agricultural and Industrial Biotech
  • Assay Development and Screening
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Trials and Development
  • Data Science and Informatics
  • Decision Support and Tools
  • Device Development
  • Digital Health/Health Tech
  • Material Sciences
  • Medicinal Chemistry and Lead Discovery
  • Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutics
  • Platform Enabling Technologies
  • Pre-Clinical Optimization
  • Target ID and Validation

Life Sciences Showcase Scientific Poster Abstract Submission:

  • Abstracts (not to exceed 300 words) will be reviewed on the basis of scientific merit, novelty, and practical application
  • Participants will be notified via email once abstracts have been reviewed/accepted
  • Poster submissions are free, however event registration is required
  • Space is limited so only one (1) poster per person accepted

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