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Ann Arbor SPARK’s Entrepreneur Boot Camp is designed to guide startups as they craft a repeatable and scalable business model. The Lean Startup methodology – a process for turning ideas into commercial ventures – has enabled entrepreneurs to efficiently build a startup by searching for product/market fit rather than blindly trying to execute.

Boot Camp is a safe environment for entrepreneurs to test their business model hypotheses, incorporating acquired customer insights to pivot quickly. The Lean Startup approach proves that talking to customers doesn’t require a marketing team or an MBA, and it works across all industries. With a focus on identifying the needs and pains of your stakeholders to how to articulate those into your business model. Additionally, we cover fundraising and common pitfalls that founders get tangled in when growing a company. We expect you to come out of Bootcamp with specific knowledge of your markets and business ecosystems, plus a plan for moving forward based on interacting with your actual customers.

You will receive 1:1 feedback from coaches who are matched to your specific startup needs and get introduced to a variety of mentors to help build your network. Previous startups within the Bootcamp have received additional exposure to investors, connection to resources, with some eligible teams able to receive grants from Ann Arbor SPARK to cover developmental costs.

Interested? Reach out to Margarita at Ann Arbor SPARK to learn more and get a pre-registration consultation,

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