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There have been a lot of articles written detailing the benefits to starting your business in Ann Arbor, so let’s just move to where in Ann Arbor you’ll be located.

Of course, we need to start with the price. Where else can you find access to downtown Ann Arbor — the food, coffee, other businesses (check out Tech Trek to see just how many there are) — for a reasonable price? SPARK Central starts at $250 per seats, including 500 mbps fiber internet, Additionally, you also have the opportunity to sit in on talks by executives who have been through it all. You can frequently sit down with entrepreneurs who have been through it all — starting, growing, scaling, selling, exiting, and even failing companies. These workshops and conversations will help you to shape your company. spark--cfefe06595f4b6bf

Ann Arbor has consistently been ranked in the top places to start a company and SPARK is a great way to get into the heart of it all. Downtown Ann Arbor has shops, restaurants, and a density of high tech businesses all within a short walk. Whether your target is an investor, key hire, or intern, you will be able to find those locations that resonate with the people you’re trying to attract.

The best and most important resource is the ability to be surrounded by other companies at your same stage. This allows you to learn and avoid some pitfalls that trap some companies. The community you form here is still present today. Some companies that banded together even teamed up as a Rec & Ed softball team.

spark 1st floor 01 - DSC_8336 2The best way to summarize the opportunity in Ann Arbor is with a question to ask yourself. If you are a starting a company, wouldn’t you would want to give your company every opportunity for success? The best way to be successful is to learn as much as you can, and have access to resources, location, talent, and advisors who have been there to give you the leg up.


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