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The staff at White Pine Systems is in transition. Normally that's not a sign of good things, but it is for the Ann Arbor-based company .

The software firm has made a handful of hires from its own ranks in the last year, bringing on a new CTO and a few web developers.

"We've gone from more part-time contributors to full-time people," says Doug Dormer, founder & CEO of White Pine Systems.

The 8-year-old company’s technology specializing in sharing information between health-care providers. The idea is to streamline the healthcare system (primarily in the behavioral health and traditional healthcare) by making closely guarded personal information readily available to the people who need to see it in a timely fashion.

White Pine Systems has been able to bring on more work with existing clients and land a few new ones. It’s adding new modules beyond its normal behavioral health which also is expanding its workload.

"It's a combination of the market is getting good with regulations, our work is being recognized, and our marketing efforts are working," Dormer says.

Source: Doug Dormer, founder & CEO of White Pine Systems
Writer: Jon Zemke

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