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A look back on this week’s economic development headlines, announcements, and other share-worthy news from the Ann Arbor region.

The wait is over at last – see you at Cahoots tonight!

The 2019 Tech Homecoming is finally here! We are looking forward to hosting over 500 people who signed up to attend, which will make tonight one of the largest we’ve put on so far. If you know of anyone that is still interested in attending, it’s not too late to register. Happy Tech Homecoming, and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Congratulations to Nostrum Energy, who celebrated their graduation from the SPARK Central Innovation Center last week. We’re excited for the future ahead of them!

New startup Placement looks to tap into cost of living differences among markets in the U.S., hoping to encourage people to earn more money in places where their money goes farther.

Our blog series using the University of Michigan’s football season as an opportunity to compare Ann Arbor to cities and towns across the country continues – check out how Ann Arbor and Columbus compare.

Announced this week: Charles Schwab acquires TD Ameritrade