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Weekly Rewind: November 1

November 1, 2019 Regional Updates
Weekly Rewind November 1, 2019-cassette tapes and pencil with blue background

A look back on this week’s economic development headlines, announcements, and other share-worthy news from the Ann Arbor region.

  • The Ann Arbor SPARK business development team supported two expansion projects that were announced this week: k-Space is expanding in Dexter and Asahi Kasei Plastics is growing in Fowlerville. SPARK received great feedback from both partners.
    • “Asahi Kasei Plastics has worked with Ann Arbor SPARK on several projects of the past several years. In all cases, SPARK has proven to be a valuable resource in helping us navigate the many options to implement our projects successfully.” (Read more about the project here).
    • “Expansion is always a risk, financially and otherwise. But it’s good to know that we have a resource like Ann Arbor SPARK to consult with if needed!”