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Weekly Rewind: Ann Arbor’s Business News Recap

August 28, 2020 Regional Updates
Weekly Rewind August 28, 2020-decorative background with laptop, phone, tablet, and notes

Startup Ecosystem

Ann Arbor ranks #6 in the 2020 Best of the Midwest: Startup Cities Rankings, coming in the top ten with major metropolitan areas like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Pittsburg.
  • 2020 Best of the Midwest: Startup Cities Rankings — Data was released this week on startups in the Midwest. In a comparison between Michigan and Ohio (because without college football, we need to be competitive about something), the report summary states: “Once again Michigan claims the top city in the battle of two powerhouse Midwest tech states, with Ann Arbor coming out on top at #6 overall, still buoyed by a truly exceptional research university, a multi-billion dollar recent exit with Duo Security and a slew of encouraging financing rounds, many in the towns’ core strength of cybersecurity.”

Mobility News

Around the State

  • 3D virtual rooms from Ann Arbor startup provide safe meeting places — Saganworks was founded in 2017 after CEO Donald Hicks sold the sold LLamasoft Inc., a multimillion-dollar supply-chain software company. Hicks founded Saganworks because he wanted to create an alternative for people consuming knowledge and memories in two dimensions. “Life doesn’t happen in 2D; your experiences and memory shouldn’t either.”

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