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Weekly Rewind: Ann Arbor’s Business News Recap

February 7, 2020 Regional Updates
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A look back on this week’s economic development headlines, announcements, and other share-worthy news from the Ann Arbor region.

Regional News and Successes

Bank of Ann Arbor's Tim Marshall with Ron Long of First National Bank
Bank of Ann Arbor’s Tim Marshall with Ron Long of First National Bank

Bank of Ann Arbor acquires First National Bank in Howell. These financial institutions have been immense supporters of regional economic development over the past several years in each community — both in terms of investment and time. Tim Marshall is the past chair of SPARK’s Executive Committee, and Ron Long is the past chair of the Economic Development Council of Livingston County.

What is your internet access like? As part of a broader initiative around understanding and hoping to expand broadband internet coverage in Washtenaw County, the Broadband Task Force asks residents to complete a survey and speed tests.

Upcoming Events

Press Clippings

Food for Thought

Some key takeaways from the latest Inforum 2020 research report focused on women’s leadership in Michigan:

Of Michigan’s 77 Public Companies:
  • Women directors – 21%
  • Women Executive Officers – 19%, only 12% are named
  • Women of Color Officers – 2%
  • Five women-led publicly traded companies
Agents of Change:
  • Build your network when you need it
  • Build a network of people who don’t look like you
  • Where there’s turmoil there’s opportunity
  • Ask: Are we opening the conversation?