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Weekly Rewind: Ann Arbor’s Business News Recap

Weekly Rewind February 5, 2021-decorative background with laptop, phone, tablet, and notes

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Ann Arbor SPARK discusses XR internship
  • XR Internships Create New Reality for Ann Arbor Tech Ecosystem
    Ann Arbor SPARK, in partnership with the University of Michigan, has created an internship program to connect students with growing startups in gaming and XR. The program is the brainchild of Austin Yarger, CEO of Arbor Interactive and Game Development Lecturer at U-M, and SPARK’s entrepreneurial services team.

Workforce Development

Regional Updates

  • The Michigan Small Business Survival Grant Program received 34,487 applications submitted to the 15 local economic development organizations reviewing the applications and awarding the grants. Ann Arbor SPARK notified applicants this week. See more about the program and view a list of recipients.

Mobility News

Food for Thought

  • The Future of Hybrid Workweek: 63 percent like the hybrid working model, 20 percent want to work from home full time, and just 12 percent want to go back to the office five days a week.