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Washtenaw Community College Customized Training Solutions

December 8, 2021 Talent
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Providing solutions to workplace challenges is the mission of Washtenaw Community College’s Office of Workforce and Community Development. They recognize that talent aligned to the demands of your business is vital to your success. As such, we provide customized training solutions that work for your business because they are designed with you and for your business’s unique talent needs. 

WCC recognizes that the availability of a well-trained workforce is critical to the region, the state, and the nation’s economic prosperity. WCC serves the region as a value-added talent development partner, establishing solutions to create effective talent pipelines that fuel business talent demands and connects the local community to those opportunities. 

How It Works

WCC offers customized, agile, and discreet training solutions designed to make a difference in your company’s bottom line at any point in your organization’s lifecycle. Whether your organization is expanding and adding new jobs, investing in new machinery and equipment, or streamlining processes, WCC has the approach and expertise to help you train your workforce.

  • Job Growth
  • Technology Investment
  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Organizational Development

The WCC Edge

WCC’s Workforce and Community Development builds on the strong academic excellence the college has maintained for more than 50 years, backed by the nationally recognized workforce expertise of its office’s leadership. Its team brings unparalleled knowledge and experience of workforce development, and how to leverage public workforce funding and initiatives such as:

  • WIOA
  • Going Pro
  • Michigan New Jobs Training Program

How It Works

Through a customer-focused, consultative approach, WCC engages with you to better understand your business and current talent challenges. They then develop a proposed talent development solution that meets your goals and objectives. Finally, they work with you to successfully implement the solution with fidelity.  

For More Information

Email: or call 734-677-5393