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Venture capitalists closed on 11 deals in Michigan last year totaling $135.5 million, with several bio-technology startup

In case you missed it, below is a link to the story dated Feb. 1 about the BioEnterprise report that said 8 deals in Ann Arbor/Detroit were done last year with a total investment exceeding $98mm, ranking 3rd among 17 Midwestern markets. From there you should be able to link back to the BioEnterprise site and read several articles about how strong the Midwest is in medical devices particularly, and how we have the respect of VCs all around the country for having great technology and potential returns on investment.

I opined in a Crain’s Detroit interview that is up today on their website, that deals are being done in Michigan because we do have opportunities worth investing in.  I’ve added that link below too.

There’s plenty to be hopeful about around here.

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BioEnterprise report on VC invesment in the Midwest in ’06

Simms interview on Private Equity (no longer available)
Crain’s Detroit interview with SPARK executive Skip Simms regarding Private Equity in Michigan