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As featured on December 7, 2009 by Nathan Bomey
Here’s’s Top 5 reasons why the University of Michigan’s student entrepreneurial movement matters to the Ann Arbor region.
1. U-M is putting dollars behind it. The Center for Entrepreneurship recently collaborated with various partners to establish TechArb, a permanent student business incubator in the McKinley Towne Centre next to Google and Ann Arbor SPARK.
2. Real jobs are being created. Several U-M student-led companies, in particular iPhone app developers, are already employing workers.
3. Michigan needs entrepreneurialism. Our culture has historically shunned risk. But only entrepreneurialism can bring about an economic revitalization.
4. Young talent is critical to Michigan’s survival. Michigan needs to attract and keep young entrepreneurs to ensure a strong economic future.
5. Low barriers to entry make it easy for students to start companies. Particularly in the software sector, students can often start companies with little or no capital.