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Tips for Writing an Internship Job Description

June 18, 2021 Talent
Roles and Responsibilities graphic of paper and pen

Developed for Michigan STEM Forward participating companies, this guide for writing detailed job descriptions to attract the right candidate is a great resource for all organizations and industries.

Items to Include

Information about your Company/Organization

  • Include a brief description of your company and what might distinguish it for an aspiring intern. What field does your company work in? What direction are you headed? What makes it a great place to work?

Internship Title and Description of Duties

  • Be thoughtful and intentional about the job title; ensure that it accurately describes the job duties that the intern will complete. 
  • Include a detailed description of what tasks the intern will be expected to complete. This can include both short-term, daily assignments as well as longer-term projects. The more specific your job description can be when it comes to this area, the better. Be sure to include specific skills required to successfully meet or exceed expectations.
  • List if the intern will be using specific software or hardware, operating specialized equipment, or generating content. 

Applicant Requirements

  • Include details on the specific academic major, skillset, experience, interest, availability, familiarity with software, coding languages, etc. required. 
  • Is this position/could it be remote?
  • Are there more general attributes that you are looking for in an intern? Examples might include “self-starter”, “excellent communication skills”, “ability to multi-task”, etc.

General Tips

The Michigan Stem Forward program facilitates meaningful and productive internships in STEM fields with the end goal of increasing talent retention in the state. As you structure the internship and write its description, consider:

  • To what extent would your organization be considered a “tech” company?
  • Would there be a potential for this internship to develop into a full-time role?
  • To what extent and in what ways is the internship job description STEM-oriented?
  • Does your organization have experience managing interns?
  • Internships are meant to be a mutually beneficial on-the-job learning experience.  As you consider what value the intern will add to your organization, it is also important to think about what skills, competencies, and experience the intern will develop.  Explicitly referencing what an intern can expect to take from their time with your organization can be an excellent addition to a job description.

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