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Ann Arbor SPARK’s Board of Directors Vice Chair, Timothy G. Marshall, has been approved by the Board of Governors of Federal Reserve Bank to serve as Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Community Depository Institution Advisory Council (CDIAC). Timothy G. Marshall is currently President and CEO of the Bank of Ann Arbor. Marshall was originally appointed to serve as one of the twelve council members representing the five state Chicago Federal Reserve region in early 2011.

In his new role as Chair of the Chicago region, Mr. Marshall will also attend meetings of the national CDIAC hosted by the Federal Reserve in Washington, DC.  Marshall is the only community banker representing the State of Michigan on both the Chicago and national CDIAC.

“I am quite humbled by this appointment as the new Chair and look forward to presenting the Board of Governors and other representatives from the Federal Reserve in Washington who participate in the CDIAC meetings with meaningful economic and banking updates from our region of the country”, explained Tim Marshall. “Bank of Ann Arbor has operated quite successfully throughout the economic downturn and this appointment is recognition of the strong performance of the bank in addition to a positive reflection on the oversight provided by an exceptional board of directors. I am thankful to be associated with such a great board and a wonderful group of colleagues here at Bank of Ann Arbor of whom I regularly refer to as “The World’s Best Bankers”. Everyone associated with Bank of Ann Arbor should feel a sense of accomplishment with this recognition.”