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The Ann Arbor Life Sciences Industry Cluster

October 17, 2019 Regional Updates
Life Sciences Industry Cluster-Siemens Healthineers selected-black title

With all the talk about tech and mobility, sometimes we forget about the other industries powering our region.

Ann Arbor’s life sciences sector has seen rapid growth over the past decade, but we’ve always been an innovator in the industry. The heart-lung machine used in the first heart transplant was developed and manufactured here. Since then, the life sciences sector has expanded to include pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and bioinformatics. The sector includes 250+ firms and employs more than 6,000 people in the region.

While the bulk of the employee base falls into the healthcare services sub-sector, the region has a particularly large presence of Medical Device companies. The medical device sub-sector accounts for nearly 40% of the industry’s FTE jobs. Aside from medical devices and healthcare services the region is also home to a vast array of pharmaceutical, digital health, and biotechnology companies.

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