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Tech on Tap: BoozApp Applies Technology to Help Consumers Find Drink Deals

Drink and smartphone

With the help of technology, local companies have collaborated to bring transparency to the liquor industry. Saline-based tech builder Serendip worked to bring BoozApp to life. BoozApp gives liquor aficionados access to fair market prices directly on their smartphones. The app also provides an avenue for retailers to display their inventory online. The liquor industry is notorious for its outdated regulation and distribution laws. By providing an avenue to educate consumers, BoozApp aims to democratize the industry, one bottle at a time. 

The app provides MSRP (Recommended Sales Price), average shelf price, and the crowd-sourced Fair Price™ of any bottle, ensuring that customers are informed and avoid overpaying. With a steady rise in alcohol demand and growing online buying communities, BoozApp founders saw a unique opportunity to help consumers avoid exaggerated prices.  

Though the platform started as a simplistic no-code app, bringing experts on board was essential in realizing the app’s full potential. Serendip was able to use its expertise to accelerate the development of BoozApp over a three-month period based on customer demand, both from retailers and consumers. 

“Creating the app was a two-person handshake”, said Jeeva Nadarajah, founder and CEO of Serendip. Serendip was able to illuminate the extensive research conducted by BoozApp to create a thoughtful and detailed design. Building the app wasn’t just about creating great tech, but about utilizing a specific tone and vernacular that resonated with users. The app invokes Great Gatsby colors and has a feel that’s reminiscent of an Instagram feed. By creating an account, users can view an extensive catalog of items in real-time. The app’s user-friendly interface allows people to filter their search by spirit and ‘favorite’ items that interest them. 

Currently, BoozApp is the only product on the market that allows users to vote on the fairness of liquor prices. The free app just reached 10k users after circulating on Tiktok. Thanks to tech, this creative disruption levels the playing field for drink enthusiasts. The app will get the retailers to compete and ultimately push prices down since the costs are all transparent. This unique selling point makes the app practical for users, but revolutionary for the industry. It’s no wonder the hashtag #dontgetrobbed is used to promote the platform. 

This year there are exciting updates on the horizon. Aside from serving booze-loving customers, the app will soon allow suppliers to easily maintain online inventory. Currently, retailers pay for access and inventory management capability. In the next phases, they will be able to facilitate purchases. This low-cost advantage will give suppliers access to a much broader client base. The app will also provide market access to brands and producers who want to advertise and gain competitive insights. The app addresses the needs of multiple parties across the business, making it a tool that founders hope will become an industry staple. 

BoozApp is a client of SPARK and has been engaged as a SPARK East Innovation Center tenant since 2020. With the help of several LDFA Business Accelerator grants, BoozApp was able to commission Serendip to further advance and code their app platform. 

With funds earmarked by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and budget oversight provided by the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti SmartZone Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA), Ann Arbor SPARK’s entrepreneurial programs, services, tools, and resources support the growth of tech innovations like BoozApp and beyond.