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SPARK Central incubator client, Mobatech, is dedicated to designing and developing cutting-edge mobile phone software focusing on creating innovative lifestyle and personal productivity applications, which integrate into customer’s everyday lives. Founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Greg Schwartz in April 2003, Mobatech has been at the forefront of the mobile technology boom and continues to push the envelope in its development of cutting edge applications. Mobatech is also deeply committed to encouraging tech industry growth in Michigan. Mobatech’s products include the best-selling Mobile Checkbook, Mobile Bartender and Datepedia applications. To date Mobatech’s product line has been sold to consumers in more than 70 counties worldwide and is distributed by some of the world’s largest mobile providers including Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, Orange, RIM (BlackBerry) and Sony Ericsson.

At the Ann Arbor business incubator, Mobatech utilizes meeting space, administrative support, strategy consulting and other business development events. Mobatech recently won the Best of Boot Camp award for its business concept development and investor presentation and received a $5,000 initial engagement at the Ann Arbor SPARK Business Accelerator. This program offers additional strategy and business development services including financial modeling, marketing and legal services. The goal is to shorten time required for start-ups to attract capital and other resources in order to further increase the company’s chances for business success.

Find out more about the SPARK Central Business Incubator. Contact:

Lori Emerson
Business Accelerator and Incubator Coordinator
Office: 734-527-9153

To learn more about Mobatech, contact:

Greg Schwartz
Office 248-885-8870