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Sniffer Closes $2.0M Seed Round Featuring Major Angel Fund Investors

Image of a Sniffer Robotics employee using a drone to detect methane at ground surfaces.

Sniffer Robotics, a leading environmental technology enabled services firm, today announced first and substantial close of a $2 million seed funding round, led by the Michigan Angel Fund. Other investors include Michigan Rise, Naruhisa Nakagawa (founder of Caygan Capital), and Abhishek Desai of Desai Ventures (London).

The start-up, founded in late 2016, developed a patented, drone-based solution to detect methane leak sources at ground level. Its Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), the SnifferDRONE™, is a comprehensive system to automate a hazardous and labor-intensive methane emission monitoring method where technicians walk miles to manually inspect landfills, natural gas pipelines, and similar land-based applications. In December, 2022, the US EPA recognized the benefits of Sniffer’s technology with the first and only approval of their automated tool for compliance. This system is used throughout the United States assisting sites to more accurately account for methane leaks, enhances gas collection, and reduce odors, for a triple benefit – operations, community, and the environment.

In a short period, Sniffer has become a top solution and service provider for ground based emissions monitoring. This capital raise provides funds for continued product development and expansion.

Skip Simms of the Michigan Angel Fund stated, “We were happy to lead this Seed round for Sniffer Robotics. SR has a product and service that falls under the category of ‘why hasn’t someone already thought of this’. They now have first mover advantage in a huge market. The EPA has recognized their value for the environment and waste industry by approving them as a qualified vendor for reporting. Customers repeatedly confirm the value proposition with the savings they provide. And they have the IP to protect their launch. This capital gives them the fuel for acceleration.”

“I’m very grateful to the investors who see the value we offer our customers and the environment and look to harness the momentum from our US EPA approval and successful capital raise to drive the scale we all envision for this business” said Arthur Mohr, Jr, CEO.

Bodman PLC assisted Sniffer Robotics as legal counsel in the Series Seed financing. As an Ann Arbor SPARK client, Sniffer Robotics benefited from SPARK’s business accelerator grants supported by the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti SmartZone Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA). These grants helped cover the costs of legal services and internships. The company was also a participant in Ann Arbor SPARK’s 2016 Boot Camp program. Sniffer Robotics is a Michigan Angel Fund portfolio company.

Sniffer Robotics is a leading environmental technology enabled services firm serving waste, natural gas, biogas, and related industries. Sniffer’s technologies and services improve emission detection and measurement, odor leak identification, and revenue generation from increased gas capture for conversion to energy. To date, Sniffer has completed projects in 28 states on 150+ sites, identifying 16,500+ methane leak sources for remediation. Improving operations and our environment, Sniffer provides aerial (drone-based) and field services, automation tools, and comprehensive software analytics and reporting solutions.