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Summary of meeting of SEIC Board on April 9

The SEIC Board met on April 9, 2008 to approve the RFP for the next round of the 21st Century Jobs Fund, officially launching the competition for $30 million to be loaned to technology companies in Michigan.  There was discussion about the RFP and the competion, and the RFP for peer review organizations to judge the competition.

Our friend David Havilland with Shepherd Advisors was there and has summarized those discussions and added his take on the situation.  Here’s the link to his blog:

He also has some commentary about the notes the MSF Board will provide for the winners in this competition. He provides a summary of the types of loans issued the last time around.

Check it out.

David Havilland’s post on the SEIC meeting 4/9/08
Summary of the conversation at the meeting