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It didn't take much for Another Rinse's made-from-recycled-materials products to carve out their own little niche. The thing is, the Ann Arbor-based company’s never stopped carving.

The one-year-old company gives new life to old things by turning them into a refinished product with a new purpose. For instance, it turns old wooden golf clubs into bottle openers. And its sales have been growing exponentially since its launch. They can now be found in 37 states and three countries.

"Michigan is our top sales state followed by New York," says Michael Sydlowski, owner of Another Rinse. "We have been streamlining our sales online sales process."

Sydlowski worked in sales and marketing before launching Another Rinse out of his basement. At the time he wanted to find a new use for old golf clubs collecting dust there. He turned them into bottle openers and coat hooks. He added old wooden tennis rackets and baseball bats into the mix, along with turning old golf balls into corkscrews. Now he is looking to add reclaimed wood products to his lineup.

Another Rinse's products have recently shown up in consignment shops in Wisconsin and Indiana. The company’s products mostly end up being sold online. Sydlowski estimates 90 percent are either bought or gifted to men.

"I never thought the split would be that way," Sydlowski says.

Another Rinse is run by a core team of three people.

Source: Michael Sydlowski, owner of Another Rinse
Writer: Jon Zemke

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