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Repeat after me: cloud computing is not going away. It's not only a technology that is here to stay but is the very future of computing. The team at RightBrain Networks saw this years ago and is now starting to reap the rewards of growing a business based on cloud computing consultation.

"For the longest time people thought that it was a fad," says Jamie Begin, CEO of RightBrain Networks. "In 2014-15 there was a massive uptick in demand for cloud computing services."

Begin launched RightBrain Networks in 2009 after he was laid off from his IT job the year before. His firm has since grown exponentially, most especially recently. Over the last year RightBrain has doubled its revenue (crossing the $1 million mark) and tripled its staff. It now employs 13 people after hiring seven in IT, sales and marketing over the last year. It is now looking to hire another five people.

"Our growth has been over 100 percent for the last four years," Begin says. "We will be at 20 people by the beginning of August and 30 people by the end of the year. It feels like I am riding a rocket."

The Ann Arbor-based company specializes in both IT and cloud-computing for both startups and large companies and institutions. Some of its customers include Silicon Valley-based startups, ProQuest, and the University of California, Berkley.

Source: Jamie Begin, CEO of RightBrain Networks
Writer: Jon Zemke

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