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Recruiting Talent from the Region’s Higher Education Institutions

February 13, 2019 Talent
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The key to successful recruiting is building and maintaining a strong presence on campus. In addition to posting positions, attending career expos, conducting campus interviews, and hosting information sessions, consider the following strategies (taken from the University of Michigan University Career Center website) to engage students and enhance your brand. Above all, be creative in your approach and highlight what sets your organization apart!

  • Make the most of your Handshake profile by including a complete company description, detailed job postings, profile pictures, and social media handles. Be sure to highlight awards, company culture, service commitment, perks, and what makes your organization attractive to young professionals.
  • Keep students engaged during your recruiting process through timely communication and adhering to your deadlines.
  • Participate in events such as resume reviews, networking nights, mock interviews, case workshops, and informational interviews.
  • Leverage your organization’s alumni in all your efforts.
  • Consider offering students hands-on experiences such as job shadowing, site visits, industry boot camps, and competitions.
  • Hire interns to build a pipeline for future recruitment and engage these students as your ambassadors on campus.
  • Explore student organizations on campus and connect with relevant groups to share your industry expertise 
  • Partner with Career Service units on campus. Most Career Services teams have a Employer Relations team that can address your specific hiring needs.

Washtenaw Community College

If you have never recruited on a community college campus, consider taking a tour or meeting with WCC’s Career Transitions staff. The school promotes its diversity of candidates with strong, proven work experiences. If you are already recruiting on our campus, explore other ways you might connect with students besides posting a job. Often times, recruiters are unaware of WCC’s veteran center, on campus recruiting tables, and other ways to connect with students and faculty.

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Eastern Michigan University

EMU’s University Advising and Career Development Center (UACDC) offers free job postings and on-campus interviews through Handshake. Additionally, the campus hosts numerous career fairs targeting specific audiences throughout the year. UACDC staff is available to work with employers’ specific recruiting needs and develop a plan to connect with EMU talent.

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University of Michigan

When recruiting from the University of Michigan, start with the University Career Center for assistance navigating the campus landscape. Employers can also work with individual career service units or contact the Business Engagement Center for a wide-range of support and recruitment resources.

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