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Recent College Grad Returns to Ann Arbor, Lands Job as Result of a2Tech360 Job Seeker Trek

Claire S portrait

Claire Stetten recently started a new job with Ann Arbor-based DocNetwork, a tech startup that provides electronic health record systems for summer camps, childcare, and schools. DocNetwork hired Claire after connecting with her during the 2020 A2 Tech Trek virtual job seeker trek as part of a2Tech360.

Claire grew up in Dexter, Michigan, a charming community just west of Ann Arbor. After graduating from Skidmore College in New York and spending a year in Paris, France, Claire returned to the region and started job hunting. “There was always this sense that I would return to the area. Ann Arbor is a gem in the Midwest with its great restaurants and accessible recreational areas — two things that were important considerations for me. While at Skidmore, I loved exploring the Adirondack Mountains and I really missed that natural beauty while living in Paris. Now that I’m back in Ann Arbor, I love hiking the region’s countless trails.”

After returning from France in August, Claire began her job search right away. A good friend who had previously interned with SPARK pointed her toward the organization’s job seeker resources, including the job portal. “I had a higher response rate for the positions I applied for through the SPARK website compared to those submitted on LinkedIn. I think going through the SPARK job portal helped my resume standout more.”

Claire was also getting ready to participate in the virtual a2Tech360, including A2 Tech Trek and its inaugural Job Seeker Trek. “I attended my first Tech Talk and Tech Trek in 2017 when I was home from college for the summer. After watching the speakers at the Michigan Theater in the morning, I remember visiting Menlo, Nutshell, and some other companies in the afternoon. I found this year’s virtual experience very convenient. It was very easy for me to connect with multiple companies, including conversations with representatives from KLA, FordLabs, and DocNetwork.”

The childhood camp picture that Claire (pink t-shirt) included with her DocNetwork cover letter.

As a result of the Job Seeker Trek, Claire applied for an implementation specialist role at DocNetwork, an Ann Arbor-based startup that provides electronic health records for camps, childcare, and schools. “The application asked for a creative cover letter which I thought was indicative of their workplace culture. After some consideration, I included a camp photo from my childhood in the header.”

Claire received a response from DocNetwork pretty quickly. “They were building a team with an account manager and three implementation specialists and there was only one specialist position remaining. A day after the final interview, the CEO Dr. Michael Ambrose offered me the job. It was a very exciting day for me.”

One thing that struck Claire was how essential Ann Arbor SPARK was at every step of the process. “While schools often provide career fairs for graduates, SPARK provides unique networking opportunities for professionals. Paired with the job postings listed on the job portal, SPARK is a remarkable resource for people at any stage of their career looking for their next job.”

Ann Arbor SPARK’s next job seeker event, Tech Homecoming, is November 24, 3 – 7 p.m. Learn more about Tech Homecoming and register today!