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Raising Investment? Keep that Company Profile Updated!

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Company logos stacked: CB Insights, Crunchbase, and Pitchbook

You wouldn’t want to have outdated information on your website — and the same goes for your company profile on investment-related platforms. Investors use platforms like PitchBook, Crunchbase, and CBInsights to size up startups and gather intel on investment opportunities.

Many of these platforms allow you to update your information for free, so maintaining an up-to-date presence enables your company to showcase recent activities and successes — and helps the right investor and partner find you.

All three are software-as-a-service companies that give users access to financial data concerning the private capital markets. They collect and compile publicly available sources of information and provide analytical tools to help users make sense of all that collected data.

Investor Resource

Investors will use any or all three of these sources to identify new investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, and perform competitive analyses. Users can filter the company database by industries and verticals, and also search by location. There are seemingly endless ways for an investor to filter, search, and narrow down potential companies for investment. All this underscores the importance of companies keeping their profiles updated.

Company Consultation

A screen capture from with an orange button labeled, "Request profile."

Ann Arbor SPARK invested in a PitchBook license to provide consultative support to the startups in its ecosystem. Many of the same best practices will apply to Crunchbase and CBInsights.

Maintaining an active profile on PitchBook is easy. Just click here to fill out a form requesting to review your profile. PitchBook says that a member of their data operations team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Schedule a session with the SPARK team to:

  • Learn about the competitive landscape and keep tabs on other companies working in the same space as you. You can review competitor profiles, and even set alerts to track their moves. Pitchbook gives visibility to the flow of money, so you can see when companies get funding and how they are making investments — both of which will help you better understand the trends driving your industry
  • Determine which investors are most likely to fund your company. With access to detailed investor data, you can use PitchBook to create a targeted list of active investors in your industry, stage, and geographic location.

Interested in chatting about PitchBook? Reach out to your account manager at SPARK or contact us here.