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As I mentioned on our Talent Blog, it takes longer to fill the job than the hiring manager wants, so the answer is clearly longer than you want.

That is thinking about how long the search process takes, weeks or months depending on your profession and the economy.

Remember, if you are unemployed or only working part-time hours, your job search is a job. Put in 30 hours a week. If you are not, ask yourself, “Why not?” Are you discouraged? Find weekly or more frequent support from a friend, area Michigan Works! team, SPARK and the state have some resource links, job seekers group (we will add a link on our resource page soon), or some other source.

Make sure your job search is not a hobby or sideline activity. If you need a new job then searching is, to borrow a local phrase, Job Number One. Read this blog post and be sure to go through to the last line: Don’t be discouraged, no one has all the factors. Figure out yours, get help, market what I call your “best self,” and keep at it.

Work is a four-letter word. So are rest and play, but no one is paying a salary or offering health insurance for those. The four-letter word you need to embrace is time. The more you put in each week, the fewer weeks you will be working on the job search and more in a job. Not good luck but, best wishes, Scott

Scott Trossen is the Talent Director for Ann Arbor SPARK and can be reached at