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Possibilities for Change, a company leveraging University of Michigan developed technology, has recently announced the nationwide launch of a simple, 21-question survey designed to save young lives. It’s results alert school counselors, medical practitioners and social workers to risky behavior, paving the way to conversations that change how adolescents act.  The company also plans to add 20 mostly white-collar jobs within 5 years.

Possibilities for Change has received funding and support from Ann Arbor SPARK. After being introduced to SPARK through the U of M Office of Tech Transfer, they have received several Phase III business engagements from SPARK. This type of engagement typically offers consulting, connections to executive and technical talent, marketing and business development services, as well as entrepreneurial educational programs, to name a few. 

Last year, Possibilities for Change participated in one such education program, SPARK’s Entrepreneur Boot Camp. During this program they made a key connection with Ted Dacko, an Ann Arbor entrepreneur best known for rescuing a small, near-death company called Health Media and growing it into an enterprise so successful it was bought by Johnson & Johnson. Ted continues to work with them today.

The company is led by Dr. Jennifer Salerno, a nurse practitioner who directs the University of Michigan Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools’ School-Based Health Center Program. Her work with adolescents spans 15+ years and led to the creation of the survey, called Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services (RAAPS). For more information about the assessment and Possibilities for Change, please see the announcement on their webpage.