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Viktor Brandtneris, Boot Camp Director, and Michael Kaye of PlanReaction

PlanReaction was awarded Best of Boot Camp at the conclusion of Ann Arbor SPARK’s 23rd Entrepreneurial Boot Camp. PlanReaction was chosen as winner by a panel of investors and industry experts who rated Boot Camp participants’ pitches.

As Best of Boot Camp winner, PlanReaction received membership to the New Enterprise Forum (NEF) and a NEF coaching team for one year as well as an engagement with the Ann Arbor SPARK business accelerator.

PlanReaction, a company that’s also being supported as an Ann Arbor SPARK incubator client, saves commercial design/build firms substantial time and money by automatically producing building floor plans in minutes.

“Boot Camp helped me in shaping the path my dream has to take in order to make it a real, viable company,” said Michael Kaye, PlanReaction founder and CEO. “Ann Arbor SPARK was instrumental in making this happen; if it weren’t for Ann Arbor SPARK, I wouldn’t have a company. There is no where else in Michigan that I could start with an idea and bring it to market without already knowing a lot about business and having a network of experts to draw upon.”

Ann Arbor SPARK’s Entrepreneurial Boot Camp process quickly and effectively validates and focuses an entrepreneur’s business idea. Compared to other entrepreneur education programs that focus on teaching how to write a business plan, Boot Camp gives business founders the tools to decide if their idea is worth planning on.

“Boot Camp is a great example of how Ann Arbor SPARK has worked to clearly identify the needs of growing companies in the region and is proactively working to provide those critical services,” said Ann Arbor SPARK president and CEO Paul Krutko. “Companies like PlanReaction know that Ann Arbor SPARK is committed to helping them grow and develop in this region, and that sets Ann Arbor apart from other places where a startup might choose to locate. We believe our entrepreneurial ecosystem is second to none in communities of our size.”

Twelve teams and 40 volunteers participated in Ann Arbor SPARK’s Entrepreneurial Boot Camp. A bi-annual program, Boot Camp has assisted more than 300 companies since 2002.

Ann Arbor SPARK will host its next Entrepreneurial Boot Camp March 26-27, 2014.