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Drs. James and Elizabeth Philip both grew up in Lenawee and Washtenaw Counties, respectively. After getting married and becoming chiropractors, they almost began their careers in Traverse City, before southeast Michigan called them home. 
"We realized we wanted to be closer to family," says Elizabeth, who goes by Dr. Liz. 
That decision led to the opening of Philip Family Chiropractic in on Middle St. in downtown Chelsea last week. Dr. Liz says they chose the approximately 1,000 square foot location for its proximity to downtown shops and restaurants, and believe their services will be a good fit for that side of town. 
We're newly graduated, so we're on top of all the more recent technologies and information," she says. "We're interested in the lifestyle of our patients, and helping them get to bette health. We try to give them a good experience as soon as they walk in the door."
Philips Family Chiropractic will celebrate a grand opening in September. Currently, the husband and wife team manage the practice themselves, but hope to grow into hiring a staff in the future. Five years down the road, says Dr. Liz, they hope to expand into a larger space.
Source: Dr. Elizabeth Phillip, Phillip Family Chiropractic
Writer: Natalie Burg
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