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Ann Arbor, Mich.–PassiveBolt Inc, a pioneering developer in smart access technology, is this year’s honoree at the CES 2021 Innovation Awards. Their inventive product, the Shepherd Lock Gen2, provides entry access using touch and 3D facial recognition. With the help of sensors and AI, the award-winning Shepherd Lock makes keyless entry and door control a reality for the modern consumer. 

Ann Arbor SPARK has fostered a successful relationship with PassiveBolt since 2018. As a SPARK client, PassiveBolt received business accelerator grants funded by the Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA). These grants provide financial support for internships, legal services, and network connections built through our Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) Program. Since the company’s inception, PassiveBolt has shown tremendous growth. Currently, the company maintains a suite in our SPARK Central Innovation Center.