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At Ann Arbor SPARK, our immediate goal is to promote economic development in the Ann Arbor region. But our larger focus is ensuring long-term growth and viability for the entire state of Michigan — something that can best be achieved through a process we call Open Source Economic Development.

We don’t view any place in the state of Michigan as competition to us. We view the rest of the state as partners. If there are things that we can do or things that we’re doing that will allow the rest of the state to improve at a more rapid pace, we think it’s in our best interests to do it. We think as the rest of the state gets better, the Ann Arbor region gets better. Read more in today’s Business Review article.

Also, Open Source partnerships with the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Washtenaw Community College, and the University Research Corridor are making it possible to leverage educational resources, accelerate technology transfer and retain knowledge workers. Through our commitment to Open Source, Ann Arbor SPARK will continue to grow businesses in the Ann Arbor region…and help transform Michigan into a national hub of economic activity. Read more in the SPARK 2008 Annual Report.