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Ocunelis hit a significant milestone earlier this month when it sold its 400th DROPin, the company's signature eye-drop assist technology.
That milestone comes on the heals of the Ann Arbor-based bio-tech startup doubling its sales a little more than one year after launching the business. Ocunelis's DROPin products can be found in a few retailers across Metro Detroit, but the company is aiming for bigger gains elsewhere.
"Our primary sales are through Amazon," says David Lorch, CTO of Ocunelis. "We are selling in almost every state through Amazon."
Lorch and Marius Tijunelis came up with the idea to start Ocunelis while they were working through an entrepreneurial apprenticeship out of the Medical Innovation Center at the University of Michigan's Kellogg Eye Center. They saw eye drop application as a pain point in everyday medicine and came up with a easier, pain-free, eye-drop assist technology called DROPin.
They have since been working to expand sales and create a few partnerships to further expand the use of DROPin. The team is also working on a couple of new products it hopes to release relatively soon.
"I would assume that by 2016 we will be releasing new products," Lorch says.
Source: David Lorch, CTO of Ocunelis
Writer: Jon Zemke
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