Copyright 2024 SPARK is offering an 8 week corporate Wellness challenge event as a part of its wellness campaign  to help everyone in the community get healthy!

Holiday Healthy Eating Challenge is specially designed to help you enjoy the holidays guilt free. During this challenge, you will be able to track your food and exercise, monitor your health indicators, and receive personalized advice from nutritionists/dietitians. This will help you overcome sweet temptations and weight gain during the holidays. Say No Way to Weight Gain!

Participants can sign up as individuals or teams (5 or more individuals). Contestants will have multiple opportunities to win awesome prizes! Partner with your health coach and overcome holiday weight gain!

Event Site:

Event Period: 11/12/12 – 01/6/13 (8 weeks)

Registration Period: 10/29/12 – 11/17/13

Registration Fee: $56/person or Teams- $48/member .

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