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Swift Biosciences, Inc. has announced the third product its line of myT® Primer reagents for the detection of cancer mutations. myT KRAS provides 1% sensitivity for 7 key mutations in codons 12 and 13 with little or no breakthrough amplification from wild-type, resulting in an assay with a definitive Yes/No answer over a wide dynamic range. myT KRAS works well with both fresh frozen and FFPE samples. Each package includes sufficient reagents for 30 samples and is now available directly from Swift.

myT Primers have unique structural and thermodynamic properties that enable highly sensitive mismatch discrimination. The selectivity and reproducibility of myT Primers provides an increased level of confidence and convenience in qPCR assays and results in an assay that gives a definitive Yes/No answer over a wide dynamic range, eliminating the need to use a delta Ct method to call a result. myT Primers are ideal for use when the sample material is limiting or where the target is present at very low concentration.

myT KRAS is the third product in the myT Primer line. myT BRAF, can detect 1% mutant BRAF V600E/K. A second, ultrasensitive version, called myT BRAF-Ultra, provides 0.01% sensitivity down to single copy detection of BRAF V600E/K mutations. Additional myT Primer reagents will be coming soon.

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About Swift Biosciences

Swift Biosciences is a small, fast-moving company focused on developing innovative enabling technologies for genomics and personalized medicine.  With the launch of the first Accel-NGS™ product in February 2013, Swift is now applying its unique technologies to the Next Generation Sequencing market.  Swift is working diligently to improve NGS sample preparation, an area that has not kept pace with the recent improvements in NGS instrumentation and bioinformatics.

The company also has products for qPCR detection of mutations. Swift’s first products, launched in 2012, are based on myT Primer technology which provides both high sensitivity and specificity in somatic mutation detection, making it ideal for cancer research and diagnostic applications.  To date, Swift has developed myT Primers for common mutations in the BRAF and KRAS genes, which demonstrate the superior performance capabilities of the technology.  Additional myT Primer reagents will be launched in the near future.

In December of 2012, Swift announced a technology license agreement with the Singapore-based parent of Vela Diagnostics.   The agreement gives Vela non-exclusive rights to utilize Swift’s myT Primer technology in Vela’s real-time quantitative PCR-based IVD products for the detection of somatic mutations in human cancer.  Vela will seek regulatory approval around the world for its assay kits while Swift will continue to develop myT Primers for RUO applications as well as license to other partners.


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