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Neurable, an Ann Arbor startup and recent attendee of SPARK’s nuerableEntrepreneurial Bootcamp, was awarded $330k in investments for their business idea at the Rice Business plan competition.  Neurable brings user-friendly brain-computer interfaces to the clinical and gaming world through the development of innovative algorithms and software.  

During the competition, one of the judges gave the Neurable team a challenge and offered up his 14-year-old son to test the technology.  The Neurable team took him back stage and spent 5 minutes teaching him how to use the device and then took a video of him controlling a remote control car with his mind. The technology proved to be intuitive and impressive based on the reaction from the 14-year-old and panel of judges.  Congratulations Neurable team!

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Neurable co-founders Ranses Alcaide and James Hamet at SPARK’s Entrepreneurial Bootcamp