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Term Sheets is a subject rarely discussed in any detail in a public forum, even though they are referred to often.  Do you know what is in a Term Sheet?  We’re going to tackle the subject in a rare series of programs at the New Enterprise Forum meetings in September and October.  Even two sessions won’t be enough to give you much detail, but you will probably walk out of each meeting knowing a lot more about them than you do today. 

The programs are on the usual NEF meeting days of the third Thursday of the month, Sept. 17 and Oct. 15.  We are going to host both at SPARK Central.  Note the venue as it’s different from the normal location of the Holiday Inn.

The first program will be about the items in a Term Sheet that go beyond the valuation or investment in the company.  We’ll expose you to the many restrictions and limitations not related to the dollar investment.  Who decides the makeup of your board?  Who gets a vote when it’s time to sell?  What are you repping and warranting to or about?  Heard of Blue Sky laws? 

Come hear from an awesome panel  we’ve put together for you.  An attorney, VC, and CEO will each give you their perspectives on the many details in a term sheet and explain the consequences of the many provisions in a financing.  Entrepreneurs, consultants, and deal makers should make an effort to attend. Register at the NEF web site.  Hope to see you there.