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MyBuys, Inc., founded in San Mateo, Calif. in 2001, began building out its Ann Arbor operations in 2007. From its first humble space at Ann Arbor SPARK Central’s business accelerator to its current location in the heart of downtown, the company has been on a growth trajectory, fueled by the region’s deep talent pool – and Ann Arbor’s appeal to those who would relocate to work here.

The company’s CEO, Bob Cell, is a native of Ann Arbor, but that fondness for the city isn’t what compelled the company to locate here. “The University of Michigan and other universities nearby have some of the top programs in the country, making the Ann Arbor area full of quality talent,” said Drew Stirton, vice president and general manager of MyBuys’ Ann Arbor office. “In addition to roots here, MyBuys saw that potential to recruit out of this pool and grow in Michigan.  Until recently, many students – and companies for that matter – haven’t given Ann Arbor serious consideration as a place for individuals to launch their careers.  This mindset is quickly shifting as more companies like MyBuys see strong returns on their investment in Michigan, and Ann Arbor in particular.”

MyBuys is the #1 digital marketing optimization provider for retailers, consumer brands and agencies. MyBuys helps clients maximize the effectiveness of their digital marketing spend by understanding every consumer’s unique  behavior, preferences, and purchase  history.  MyBuys’ patent-pending algorithms predict the products that each individual is most interested in purchasing and delivers 1:1 personalized offers and recommendations  across multiple touch points, including e-commerce  sites, email, display ads and mobile devices.

Over the last five years, MyBuys has grown its Ann Arbor workforce by 20 percent annually.  MyBuys employs individuals in a variety of departments, including engineering, optimization and analytics, sales and marketing, client success, operations and finance.

“Not only are there teams in Ann Arbor focused on optimizing our service offerings, we also have teams signing, implementing, and supporting clients.  Individuals have a great opportunity to immediately deliver meaningful contributions to the company and our leadership development programs support rapid professional growth,” said Stirton. “The opportunity to work in multiple organizations over a short period of time helps MyBuys retain top talent.  At our core, we are focused on improving our client’s performance and, ultimately improving the shopper’s experience with our clients’ brands and their websites.”

Supported by access to talent and the company’s ongoing innovations, Stirton is optimistic for MyBuys’ future.  “Over the next year, I’m most excited about the introduction of new functionality and services to our clients and the markets we serve,” he said.  “Specific to Ann Arbor, our office recruits year round to identify and attract recent college graduates and summer interns to join MyBuys in May.”

Written by Jenn Cornell