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Michigan Life Science and Innovation Center (MLSIC) — southeastern Michigan’s newest home for innovation-based business — welcomes Milad Pharmaceutical Consulting, LLC to its life science incubator. Milad offers clients pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis. Pharmacodynamics explores what a drug does to the body, whereas pharmacokinetics explores what the body does to the drug. The company also offers clinical pharmacology expertise and drug development strategy. With 15 years of experience, Milad streamlines drug development to improve a business client’s efficiency in decision-making, regulate goals, and finally achieve business success. Similarly, that’s what MLSIC is doing for Milad.

MLSIC’s goal is to assist early-stage life science based companies while they expand their business within Southeast Michigan. At the life science incubator, companies like Milad have business development resources and office space available. MLSIC offers flexible leases for offices that include accommodations like equipment, internet connection, conference rooms, and cleaning services, as well as access to laboratories with the most modern of technological advances. Entrepreneurial support includes education programs, networking opportunities, financial advice, and referrals to service providers. By combining these features, companies like Milad have tremendous business growth opportunities.

For more information:

Contact Frederick Earl at MLSIC: 734.233.3099 or

Contact Milad Pharmaceutical Consulting, LLC online or call 734.664.0394