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Next Tuesday we are updating everyone on all the state funded programs that can put cash in the bank account of start-ups and early stage companies.  Andy McColm at U of M Office of Tech Transfer, Ned Staebler from the MEDC and Iwill explain the ins and outs of the many programs available.  We will explain the qualifications for eligibility and processes to apply.

The program will be streamed on the web live for those who cannot attend.  Go to to watch the presentation.  You will also be able to ask questions from this site.  A few days after the presentation we’ll put a recording of it on the site.

There is limited space at SPARK Central so you must register to get in.  Parking will be a challenge as the Ann Arbor Art Fair starts the next day and a lot of surface parking spaces will be unavailable.  There are lots at 4th & Washington, 4th & William and on Maynard south of Liberty.

If you are a technology based start-up or in your early stages of growth, or you consult such companies, or you are in the financing industry including banks or private equity, you should try to attend.

Presentation will start a little after noon.  If you are attending in person it’s a brown bag lunch affair.  We’ll provide the water and sodas.  We are planning on two hours to get through all the material and answer all your questions.  Hope you learn a lot.