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Anne and I have lived in many states.  We are not native to Michigan but spent five years up north in the 80’s.  We were awed by the clear fresh water and the variety of trees and wildlife.  We agreed we wanted to come back, which we did.  One of the other things that impressed us was the diversity of entertainment options, lifestyles, industry and people.  Although we had the opportunity to move to silicon valley we opted to stay in the midwest for climate, education and overall quality of life reasons.  Yes, we like the snow, the four seasons and values of the people we know here.

This is not my normal blog subject matter but it was prompted by this blog by Jeff Bocan.  Although our stories are different we at SPARK are hearing from more and more people like Jeff who are coming back to Michigan because it’s a great place to live, and great opportunity abounds.   Now is a great time and Michigan is a great place to be an entrepreneur.