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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – APRIL 1, 2013 — Ann Arbor, Mich. — Ann Arbor SPARK four-time FastTrack winner MedHub recently received support from the Village of Dexter that will help the company expand at a historical site in the community.  Ann Arbor SPARK worked with the company throughout the incentives process, which resulted in MedHub committing to invest more than $1.7 million and double its staff.

MedHub, a University of Michigan startup, is a healthcare software firm.  The company acquired the 22,000-square-foot facility in downtown Dexter in 2011.  The facility is a former grain mill, built in 1899, that is a Village landmark.

“Tax incentives are often controversial, especially in this economic climate. In this case, the Village of Dexter and MedHub recognized the importance of working together to save this community landmark and place the long-dormant building firmly on the tax rolls.  The cost to restore this building was triple the cost of tearing it down and starting over. This collaborative approach has made it possible to restore this unique building back to its original character,” said MedHub president Peter Orr.  “This also provides MedHub and Dexter another competitive edge to attract very selective employees to a unique and dynamic community. Without the creative vision of the Village the Township and the assistance of Ann Arbor SPARK to make this happen, we would have most likely been forced to consider other options for our headquarters.”

Ann Arbor SPARK has worked with MedHub throughout its evolution, including annual retention visits to help identify potential areas of need where SPARK’s services could help the company continue to grow in the region.

“It’s exciting that MedHub chose to renovate such a visible and significant structure in downtown Dexter, and is making that investment part of its efforts to attract talent to the company,” said Paul Krutko, Ann Arbor SPARK president and CEO.  “Having a business like MedHub downtown has a ripple effect on the Village economy, and on the surrounding region: Businesses want to locate where they know top talent can be attracted and retained.”

MedHub expects to move into the renovated facility in spring 2013.