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InfoReady Corporation, provider of social media-based search and collaboration software products, recently teamed with the MEDC to deliver the Career Matchmaker and Career Investment Calculator web tools for Pure Michigan Talent Connect. The site features a Job Portal along with the InfoReady software-based Career Matchmaker, which determines industries and areas in high demand, and a Career Investment Calculator, which helps job-seekers evaluate and pursue training.

The Career Matchmaker let users assess their skills or desired skills and identify the industries, occupations and employers within those industries for subsequent job searches. Visitors can also select industries and find the skills needed for occupations in the selected industry. Once an occupation or industry is identified, users can use the Career Investment Calculator to determine the investment value of the training or education needed for their desired career.

Amy Cell, Senior Vice President, Talent Enhancement for the MEDC, commented, “This is going to be such an amazing resource to job seekers, parents, veterans and career counselors.” The MiTalent site and applications were highlighted in a press conference by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on December 1, 2011.

The InfoReady matchmaking platform connects people with information using a powerful search and discovery engine coupled with familiar social media tools for an easy, intuitive interface. “We have built our software specifically to meet the growing requirements for easy-to-use information matchmaking and collaboration applications in this age of information explosion. We are excited that we have the opportunity to implement our software to energize Michigan careers,” stated Bhushan Kulkarni, CEO of InfoReady Corporation.